Tweeps React To ‘Uyajola 99’ Gay Man’s Fighting Skills #Uyajola99

Tweeps React To ‘Uyajola 99’ Gay Man’s Fighting Skills #Uyajola99. Yesterday was the day for another two episodes of Moja Love’s heated show ‘Uyajola 99’.

Yesterday was the day for another two episodes of Moja Love’s heated show ‘Uyajola 99’. The first episode had a woman by the name of Mary, who has been suspecting that her man was cheating on her for 2 years. The woman says the man has been good to her for 12 years and then for the past two years, the man has been treating her differently. The man hasn’t been buying anything for their household, he also doesn’t pay maintenance for the children. When they confronted him, she found out that he had a 3 week old baby with another woman. He also paid for the woman and child’s needs and wants. Both women didn’t want him anymore.

The episode that caught the attention of tweeps was the one of Sizwe, a gay man who suspected that his boyfriend was cheating on him. The man was a closeted gay man who was afraid of letting people know about his gender because of the negative reactions to gay people. He says that him and his boyfriend haven’t been spending time together as they used to.

The boyfriend apparently used the church as an excuse. He would say that he is a youth leader and has to uphold the church’s reputation. They once slept with the man’s ex-boyfriend on one bed, he thought it was a friend. When they went to confront the man, they found that he was having an affair with the same ex-boyfriend. Sizwe beat up the ex-boyfriend when they got to the location. When they tried talking to Sam, he didn’t want to say anything to them as he went to grab a taxi at the taxi rank. The ex says Sizwe and him should work on a plan on to teach Sam a lesson.

Tweeps were amazed at the way Shaun was beating up the ex-boyfriend. One tweep say, “…those fists aren’t gay.” One tweep says, “That fist punch is Not gay.” One tweep says, “…i see flying kicks in the gay episode…” One tweep says, “straight for the kill this guy doesn’t play, don’t fuck with a gay guys partner…”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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