Tweeps Praise Mayeni For Being Confident In Her Own Body

Tweeps Praise Mayeni For Being Confident In Her Own Body. The couple started with their traditional wedding.

Yesterday (Thursday) fans of Mzansi Magic’s ‘Uthando Nesthembu’ saw the last episode of season 3. The season ended with Mayeni and Musa Mseleku’s. The couple started with their traditional wedding. Mayeni and Musa Mseleku were happy that people joyfully sang for her at the kraal. Musa was proud of his wife for being comfortable in her own body, she was dressed in her traditional attire and her stomach was out. The wife said that she was told to wear her attire in that type of way.

Mayeni surprised people when she did the traditional dance, Mangwabe says Mayeni lied to her because she said she can’t do the traditional dance. Makhumalo says seeing the husband dance with Mayeni was a good experience for her. Macele seemed a bit bitter at Mayeni’s wedding. She went on talking about how the other wives acted at her wedding, saying that she wouldn’t care if they were at her wedding or not.

Makhumalo jokingly sent a child to ask why Musa’s feetwere being washed, which infuriated Macele. The other wives were also present at the wedding; Macele was the one who came late to the wedding. The episode ended with Musa and Mayeni’s white wedding. Tweeps praised Mayeni for her body positivity.

One tweep says, “I love [how] comfortable Mayeni is with her body. It’s so refreshing…” One tweep says, “nice to see mayeni not ashamed of her body…” One tweep says she wishes that she had the same level of confidence as Mayeni. I need Mayeni’s confidence. I’m going to go to the beach in December with my [pot belly].

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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