Tweeps Love This Amazing Unique Kid

Tweeps Love This Amazing Unique Kid. One twitter user posted a tweet that had a lot of tweeps in their feelings.

One twitter user posted a tweet that had a lot of tweeps in their feelings. The user posted photos of the boy with his amazing face. The child in the pictures has a condition called vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that leaves white parts on certain parts of the body because of a loss of pigmentation by the name of melanin.

The boy’s mark is a very distinct one. The boy also has light blue eyes. The boy is also a mute. A lot of tweeps commented on the situation. One of the tweeps posted a picture of her vitiligo skin condition. The picture was accompanied by a caption saying, “Sending love.”

One tweep recalls a girl with the same type of eyes and a disability. The tweep says, “Is he sick? There was a little girl like that, with eyes like this and the condition affected her hearing. She had to get a surgery to correct it.” One tweep says, “Not just the eyes man, He’s beautiful.”

One tweep says, “He has Vitiligo…no melanin in parts of his skin. Such a beautiful boy.” One tweep had a problem with the children all coming from poor backgrounds. The tweep says, “Everytime they show black kids with blue eyes, they are somehow always dirty.” Some tweeps compared the child to an Avatar character called Aang.

One tweep says his probably the last air bender. The tweep says, “Real life Avatar, prolyl the last air bender.” One tweep says, “This is the African Avatar Aang.” One tweep says, “The last earth bender…God have mercy on me.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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