Tweeps Know Why You Are Single #YouAreSingleBecause

Tweeps Know Why You Are Single #YouAreSingleBecause. It seems really great but for some people being single sucks big time.

The single life huh…It seems really great but for some people being single sucks big time. They just don’t know what’s wrong with them, which makes them single beings. What if you had someone who knew why you are single at the moment? Well, you may have that person or maybe people who know why you are single.

Tweeps tell people what makes them single, some included a funny twist to it. The tweeps used the hashtag #YouAreSingleBecause. One tweep says people are single because they compare people to their exes. The tweep says, “you keep comparing them to your ex…They are not twins.” One tweep says, “your standards are too high you always want a firepool hot girl…”

One tweep says, people hold on to their past. The tweep says, “you were holding on to the past and couldn’t give someone else a chance to love you.” One tweep says some people are single because people don’t believe that they are single. The tweep says, “no one believes that u r (are) single.” One tweep says, “when they ask you “Chicken or Beef?” You say “Yes!”

One tweep says, “you are Eating pap, and not drinking the wines…You are not…The ghel (girl).” One tweep convinced herself that her boyfriend is in the future. The tweep says, “No! I’m not single. I’m in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.” One tweep says, “no one wants you. Stop looking for excuses.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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