Most Used Social Media Apps In South Africa

Most Used Social Media Apps In South Africa. With social media we get to speak with people from anywhere without the limit of how many people you should talk to.

We all have a social media account somewhere. With social media we get to speak with people from anywhere without the limit of how many people you should talk to. Social media is also used to find jobs; some people get lucky because they do find their perfect job there. These are the top social media platforms that are being used from the least used to the most used according to GlobalStats:


Instagram is a social media platform that’s used to send media files such as photos and videos. This is where most of our celebs post (like every day). However, Instagram is not the most used social media platform in South Africa. According to GlobalStats’ statcounter, only 1.82% of South Africans used this platform last month, May 2019.


YouTube, the place for amazing videos to laugh to or when you just want to see your fave’s music video. YouTube has a bunch of videos, whether the videos are way old or they just came now, you’ll find any video you want. YouTube has 2.31% of South Africans who used the platform last month.


Twitter is a platform that we use to keep each other update on almost everything. The platform allows us to communicate with total strangers from anywhere, most people get their motivation from certain tweeps (some of the tweeps become social media influencer). We get to see what most people speak about in trends. Twitter has about 7.32% of South Africans that used it last month.


You want to get an idea of what type of clothing you should wear to your matric dance? Maybe you want to get a recipe for a certain dish or you just want to put the things you interested in somewhere. Well, Pinterest is the place for that. Pinterest is the platform that allows you to just post your interests or if you just want to search for something you interested in. Pinterest had 42,94% of South Africans using I last month.


Facebook, commonly known as the village for most people on Twitter. This is one of the first social media platform that people in South Africa used when they got phones. The love for this platform has been there for years. Facebook is a platform that allows you to communicate with people you know, allowing you to update them about your life too. Facebook is still the highest used social media platform in South Africa, with 44.5% of people using it last month.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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