This is the story of my personal life, please admin publish this on your website for all to read about it and also learn from my greed and what peer pressure can cause.

I gained admission into the university at a very tender age, precisely 17yrs of age then, University of Lagos. And I recalled in my first year, my friends that I met in school then forced me into all kinds of dirty stuff that I could not men…tion.

Just because77 I want to belong to the group I had no choice than to join them in making money every night.

We call it the night school. I want specially thank the owner of this very plat form relationships and dating page, it reminded me of so many things and my reason for writing this story is that I don’t want some of you to make the same mistake I made.

He, who has an ear, let him hear. I recalled this particular mature man that became fond of coming to see me every night in school.

He was married and his children are studying abroad. He promised me so many things; in fact I actually fell in love with him.

He was always using me whenever he wants to satisfy himself and he made sure all my needs are taken care off.

This particular night then I was in Moremi Hall, he came to pick me, I recalled he asking me a question:
“Do You Love Me”
I told him that Yes I do very well.
He Said “Follow me”

We both boarded his car, and we left, he actually drove that night to Anton Cemetery, I was totally scared, I tried to warn him that I can’t go further, but he paid the security men at the gate some money and they allowed us to enter the place.

He assured me that everything is ok, I followed him till we got to a particular grave site, he then asked me to lie on the grave that we should have sex there.

I bluntly refused, he promised to buy me a brand new car the following day, if and only if I had sex with him on the grave. I fell for the car thing.

During the sexual act, I noticed there was a pad lock that was no locked together in his hand, so as he was about to release inside of me I quickly locked the padlock.

From that day till this very moment, I have been a useless entity not only to myself but also to the society at large, that man as I speak is very popular and extremely rich in the society, but for security reasons I won’t mention his name so that no one gets hurt in the process.

Also if you see me, I look like a 90 yrs old lady. So please be careful of your friends.

Prayer: I pray any power that wants you to close your eyes and walk into destruction shall be disgrace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Type Amen to claim this prayer.
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