Lerato Kganyago Misses Old School Relationships

Lerato Kganyago Misses Old School Relationships. Well, if you do, you not the only one.

You remember those good old days when boyfriends used to go check their girlfriends? Those days where you called to come outside via a whistle or via a call back request. Well, if you do, you not the only one. Lerato Kganyago also misses those days. The media personality and DJ says nowadays she gets told that she should come to the guys’ house because she has a car.

“I miss go chekiwa (being checked)!! The whistling, his car parked outside, you sneaking out to steal a kiss then running back into the house! Ai now they tell you, “You have a car, come to MY house,”” says, Lerato Kganyago. Tweeps were also feeling what Lerato Kganyago was saying. One tweep says every whistle was unique to every girl.

The tweep says, “And all the girls in the neighbourhood knew their man’s whistle coz it had to be unique, just so you don’t go out for nothing, those were the days.” Some tweeps remembered the call backs. One tweep remembers the call back message that people used to get when their boyfriends told them to come out. One tweep says, “…please call PHUMA.” One tweep had a pretty unique call back message. The tweep says, “Please call i12CUB48 (I want to see you before 8)…”

One tweep says, “Those were the dayz (days) of Our Timez (times).” One tweep says, “Those little thing(s) builded us and life was wonderful then.” One tweep says, “Let’s take it abck (back) to the hood.” One tweep says, “Telling the little boy to go and call the sister and him just staying there until you bribe him with a dime.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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