Former Initiate Says “Ulwaluko Teaches Us To Be Homophobic And Sexist” #inxeba

Former Initiate wrote a tread on how “Ulwaluko Teaches Initiates To Be Homophobic And Sexist” In a very detailed and expressed post the initiate reacted to the backlash the #inxeba film has been getting a lot of negative and positive reviews. Protest action by cultural activists has seen several cinemas forced to cancel screenings of ‘Inxeba’ (The Wound), a film which has been screened across the continent and around the world to widespread critical acclaim. To date, it has won 19 awards at 44 festivals in more than 25 countries worldwide including South Africa. On the 2nd of February, it was announced that the film has been nominated for 8 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAS).

See his comments below

Fathers are up in arms


Homophobic and sexist

Hated it


No life lessons

Hate and discrimination


Much more of a man




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