First Time Farmer Inspires Tweeps

First Time Farmer Inspires Tweeps. The farmer took pictures and a video recording of his farm.

A black farmer by the name of Sipho Tshabalala took to social media to show people his farm. The farmer says that it’s his first time in the agricultural industry. The farmer took pictures and a video recording of his farm. The pictures also show that he packages his harvest himself.

“I’m proud of myself! This is my first attempt ku (at) agriculture. I have learnt my lessons, I know the next harvest will be bigger and better,” says Sipho Tshabalala. In the video recording the farmer showed all his harvests. The video was accompanied by a caption saying “I’m only trying to create employment and to feed the nation.” He calls his potato brand Amazambane.

Tweeps were inspired by what the farmer was doing. One tweep referenced the land expropriation act. The tweep says, “We really need the Land…more land…Well done baba…keep going.” One tweep says, “This is great…wishing you all the best.”

One tweep says he at least knows who his mentor is. The tweep says, “Big brother atleast I know where to get my mentor.” One tweep was inspired by the fact that it’s possible for others to get into the agricultural industry. One tweep asked him how to plant potatoes. The tweeps says, “How does one plant potatoes…I just want (a) small portion in my backyard to make fries.”

These are the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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