Facebook And Instagram Outage Causes Outrage From Users

In certain countries, Facebook and Instagram users lost entry to the social media platforms’ applications as a result an outage.

Users noted that they couldn’t access these two social media platforms on twitter, some had a limited operation. A lot of Facebook and Instagram users accessed twitter.

“Well @facebook is still down-I’m preparing for the worst. #FacebookDown #facebookoutage #facebookisdown,”says @Amandegans.

@Dave_Shore says, “With @facebook and @instagram down-what are all the “influencers” doing with all their downtime from being important?”

@PatrickJJuliano says, “The world is having to talk to each other face to face like it is 2002 #FacebookDown #facebookoutage is a real struggle”

@BrotherNature says, “Instagram being broken feels like when Nickelodeon would stop playing cartoons to make us go outside n play”

The last outage by Facebook was last November 2018.

by Alexandra Ramaite



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