Dog Tears Off 61-Year-Old’s Pants

Dog Tears Off 61-Year-Old’s Pants. . At the time of the event, the elderly man’s glasses also fell and were then broken.

A 61-year-old elderly man had his pants torn by a dog at the Elgin Mall in Kempton Park last week. The dog pierced its teeth into the man’s pants. The man was about to walk into the shopping mall when the dog attacked him.

According to Kempton Express, the elderly man, Ben Lubbe, says,“I was walking towards the centre, looking through a store’s window on my right and didn’t notice the security guard and the Alsatian to my left.”

He also says the dog then seized his pants and tore them off. At the time of the event, the elderly man’s glasses also fell and were then broken. Lubbe was lucky to not have been hurt by the dog. The owner of Intruder Defence Security, Leon Maree, apologised for what happened to Ben Lubbe. The owner says that the elderly man was quickly given new pants. He also says that they will make a plan to get him new glasses.

Maree says that they have training and processes for the dogs and the caretakers of the dogs. The training shall be attended by the members every month. The Intruder Defence Security says this type of dog accident happened two years ago. He says the dogs are trained according to the rules of the Private Security Industry Regulations. He also says that the caretakers have a process that they go through before they are given the qualifications needed to be a dog’s caretaker. Benn Lube went to the mall again but he says that he won’t go inside the mall while the caretaker and the K9 are still there.

by Alexandra Ramaite

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