Black Twitter Reacts To Affairs In Exchange For Favours On ‘Uyajola 99’#Uyajola99

Black Twitter Reacts To Affairs In Exchange For Favors On ‘Uyajola 99’#Uyajola99. The couple moved in with the woman’s sister in Monti, Eastern Cape.

In yesterday’s (Sunday) episode of Uyajola 99 it was packed full of action and deceit. The episode had a woman who came from the villages with her boyfriend. The couple moved in with the woman’s sister in Monti, Eastern Cape. The woman called the team of Moja Love’s “Uyajola 99” because she suspected that her boyfriend was having an affair with another woman. What the team found was not anticipated at all.

Jub Jub and his team found out that he was cheating on her with her sister. She couldn’t believe it because they all live under the same roof. She also told Jub Jub that she always tells her sister that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she didn’t know that the woman she confides in is the one who her husband is cheating on her with. Black Twitter had different reactions to the event that occurred.

Most tweeps spoke about what the sister said. She said that she was having an affair with the boyfriend as part of her favour being returned because there’s nothing for free. One tweep says, “Just in case you wanted to ask someone for a “favour” today. Prese refer to script “Uyajola chapter 9 verse 9, There is nothing for mahala.”

One tweep says, “there’s nothing for free emhlabeni (in the world).” One tweep says she raised the bar on the concept of “nothing is for free.” The tweep says, “This lady took the concept of “nothing is for free” to a whole new level.” One tweep says, “Yoh!! Ntombi’s sister is such a savage!! She says nothing is for free…” Other tweeps love the way Jub Jub interacts in the show. One tweep laughed at how he asked the lady if the cheater was her boyfriend.

The tweep says, “this is your man right?”^JubJub” Social media influencer, Karabo Mokokgo says, “Yoh, Jub Jub is also vulgar.” One tweep says, “…Jub jub is trying to tell us something, sometime you need to assess your close circles, you don’t even need to look far when you start suspecting…”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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