Black Twitter Reacts To ‘Nyan’Nyan’ man Denying Cheating Allegations

Black Twitter Reacts To ‘Nyan’Nyan’ man Denying Cheating Allegations. Nyan’Nyan had a very interesting show yesterday (Tuesday).

Nyan’Nyan had a very interesting show yesterday (Tuesday). The episode had a man who caught the attention of people because of the way he refused his wife’s statements. The wife accused him of spending close to R13 000 on his side affairs. She also told suggested that they have an open relationship so that she can also have the same type of affection as him.

Tweeps liked the way he refused the statements in the calmest manner. One tweep says, “chabedi for President. The guy know the Bro codes, no matter what stick to your story no matter how lame it is.” One tweep says, “If this guy is really not cheating he’s a serial liar, cause he’s so genuine and I believe him.” One tweep says, “Chabedi is denying EVERYTHING!! He remembers nothing about family meetings.” Other tweeps were amazed by the wife wanting an open marriage.

One tweep says, “Lmao…Girl wants an open marriage…2019.” One tweep says she should just rather divorce him. The tweep says, “Why opt for open marriage BECAUSE OF A CHEATING HUSBAND when you CAN SIMPLY DIVORCE HIM?” One tweep says, “So she wants a open marriage wow leadership this woman.”

The man did not want to acknowledge his mistakes to his wife, even though they could see that he was hiding something. When confronted about his affairs on the side, he said that he wasted the money on gambling because he was betting on horses. The wife, however, didn’t accept his statements.

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite

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