5 Ways To Tell If A South African Guy Is Rich Or Not

5 Ways To Tell If A South African Guy Is Rich Or Not

SA women love good men, faithful, loyal and if possible rich. Some are even willing to ignore the former as long as the bank account is fat fat fat. So for those looking into dating a rich guy here is what to look for to help you figure out whether a South African man you have met in the club or on a date is rich or not.

1.His bank card

Bank cards in South Africa have become a status symbol and the darker his card the more money you can expect him to have, Gone are the days when people could simply walk into a bank and request to be a private client with a low income. Now you yearly turn overs determine the card your bank gives you. For FNB to have their black Private Clients card you need to make atleast “R750 000 -R1 499 999” and for their Private Wealth card atleast+R1.5 Million


Rich South African dress the part! From Gucci to Louis Vuitton and all the other brands you struggle to pronounce. Obviously this is a tricky one because its an area were the fake it until you make it try their luck but if you can afford a R15 000 Gucci belt or glasses surely you are rich because average people were R100 sun glasses.


South Africans love their cars! A quick way to see how well someone is doing in South Africa is by their set of wheels. The more German their car brand the more disposable income they exposed to. Obviously the real rich have Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley’s and to drive any of these cars you have to have serious money because just a service can set you back 5 figures!


Whilst its easy to fake the money gang life and pretend to be part of the movement it’s hard to fake a nice house or neighbourhood. People with money usually have a nice house or live in a nice neighbourhood. The fake it until you make it brigade struggle here which is what has lead to the Midrand syndrome were people dress and drive well but sit on camp chairs.

5. Spending habits /Lifestyle

Rich people love hanging out at exclusive and expensive places and a quick way to see how rich someone is would be to see where they eat and hang out. Their spending habits at clubs (popping expensive bottles all night can also be a good indicator.



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